Don't Miss Out: 15% Discount on Everything - Buy Now!

18 September 2023 6 min read
Don't Miss Out: 15% Discount on Everything - Buy Now!

Searching for the perfect wind spare parts just got easier. With an extensive selection of nearly 50,000 unique spare parts at your disposal, Covento is your gateway to streamlined wind energy procurement. But there's more – we want you to experience the unmatched benefits of Covento from the very first click.


Buy now and get a 15% discount



It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:


1. Sign in.

2.  Search and add your wind spare parts or consumables to your cart.

3. Witness the magic as a 15% discount is instantly applied.


That's right, you can start saving right now! 

New to Covento? No problem – you will be approved as a buyer in minutes!

Your wind energy success story begins here. Click the 'Create Account' button below, and our quick setup guide will take you through the process. In a few moments, you'll be ready to explore and start purchasing.


Buying spare parts has never been easier!

Covento connects renewable energy buyers and suppliers in a transparent and efficient manner, offering a broad assortment of products across wind spare parts and consumables. Browse through close to 50,000 spare parts from leading brands.

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