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Spare parts for the renewable energy industry

 Covento is linking buyers in the renewable energy industry with suppliers of high-quality spare parts in a single, digital marketplace

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For Buyers

Covento offers buyers of renewable energy spare parts a friction-free e-commerce marketplace with access to market-leading, vetted suppliers of parts and services

For buyers, Covento turns complex O&M procurement into a regular shopping experience. 

Covento means easy and fast access to purchases of spare parts simplifying every step of the buying process: 

  • B2B shopping should have instant purchasing, transparent pricing and real-time delivery status in a world where complexity is the norm
  • Browse the shelves of vetted suppliers and find the parts and services you need with the world's leading product catalog
  • The only industry marketplace where you can search across industry IDs, brands and categories 
  • Easy payment directly to Covento
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