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As the renewable energy industry matures and scales across the globe, the need for smarter and faster maintenance, repair, and operations increases. 

Getting instant access to quality spare parts and consumables has long been a struggle for O&M professionals in the renewable space. Lack of transparency and poor consolidation in the supply chains means that finding the right product at the right supplier, and negotiating mutually beneficial agreements, has been a cumbersome process; A process that is dependent on several departments – limiting effectiveness and profitability in the wind sector.  

Covento – the marketplace for spare parts  

Now, imagine a place where vetted spare parts suppliers showcase their offerings to a global network of buyers. A place with full transparency in pricing, availability, delivery, product data – and where you can place orders directly. Spare parts are always in stock right when you need them. 

Here, buyers get instant access to spare parts for all turbine models across manufacturers and suppliers. You can effortlessly search across categories and industry IDs and order from as many suppliers as you wish – with only one point of contact to manage all payments. All the easy-to-order benefits from B2C websites with the necessary B2B standards.  

Suppliers gain access to a wide and ever-growing range of buyers – with no compliance screening and payment risk. That is all taken care of.  

This is a place where buyers and suppliers can boost their businesses with friction-free e-commerce of spare parts and consumables – and that place is Covento.  

Covento is a new marketplace that aims to bring sellers and buyers together on one platform. Here, the spare parts aftermarket is transformed from a hard-to-navigate clutter to a transparent and connected cooperation, strengthening supply security, and maximizing downtime efficiency. 

Who is behind Covento? 

And you might wonder, who is behind Covento? We are more than 30 professionals, 17 different nationalities, with experience from Amazon, Salesforce, Google etc, all excited to change the way spare parts are purchased today. We always think end users first, and if that means shaking up the renewable industry, we are happy to be at the forefront.  

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