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  • Dönges

    ( 10004 Products )

    System supplier for tools, personal protective equipment, firefighting equipment/fire protection, electrical engineering and various other articles.

  • Glual Energy

    ( 25 Products )

    GLUAL ENERGY is a leading supplier with more than 25 year of experience in the wind energy sector producing onshore and offshore hydraulic systems.

  • HAWE Energy Solutions A/S

    ( 28 Products )

    HAWE Energy Solutions A/S, based in Albertslund (Denmark), was founded on 16.3.2022 and combines the former FSE and FST divisions acquired from Fritz Schur Technical Group by the HAWE Holding GmbH. Founded in 1995, FST (formerly Fritz Schur Teknik) provided the Danish manufacturer with industry-specific hydraulic solutions for stationary equipment and mobile machinery. For this purpose, the engineers combined suitable components from different manufacturers. This business area is currently being continued under the new company HAWE Energy Solutions A/S. In the future, you will receive customer-specific solutions from the extensive modular system of HAWE Hydraulik and its partners. This includes hydraulic solutions as well as electronic controls and solutions for the electrification of mobile machines. With FSE (formerly Fritz Schur Energy), the company focused its development and assembly activities on the needs of wind turbine manufacturers from 2002 onwards. It was also active in the aftermarket with a large portfolio of analysis equipment and service solutions for its customers worldwide. HAWE Energy Solutions continues this business activity without restriction, combining it with its own modular system to create customised system solutions for brake control and pitch control. Both of the aforementioned business units also had subsidiaries in China. These are continued in HAWE Energy Solutions (Ningbo) and HAWE Energy Solutions (Shanghai).


    ( 33 Products )

    Founded in 1974, HINE is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems, hydraulic components, and cooling systems for industrial and renewable energy companies. The company’s in-house engineering team, extensive R&D portfolio, and global manufacturing capabilities deliver competitive hydraulic solutions to customers worldwide. Our production sites in China, Spain, U.S., Brazil, India, and Mexico enable fast, reliable solution delivery so clients can accelerate project readiness. From production through post-sales support, HINE Group provides a comprehensive package of hydraulic products and services designed to give our customers a rapid response and outstanding service.

  • Hove

    ( 5 Products )

    Hove makes maintenance of industrial-scale machinery faster, easier, and more precise. Our advanced lubrication solutions allow you to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and increase the working life of mechanical moving parts.

  • HydraSpecma A/S

    ( 96 Products )

  • K. Heinz Moelle GmbH & Co. KG

    ( 4438 Products )

    Electrical wholesaler

  • Megatrade

    ( 572 Products )

    Megatrade offers custom-made industrial components and services for a wide range of customers in a number of industries.

  • Miba Frictec by JHS Holding

    ( 11 Products )

    Exclusive Sales Partner of Miba Frictec for Sintered Brake Plates Miba Frictec - Part of Miba Group, family owned company with more than 90 years of experience in the mobility business; the original developer of sintered brake plates for over 30 years; Certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949

  • Mikkelsen Electronics A/S

    ( 58 Products )

    At Mikkelsen we have been producing customized cables for decades with focus on cost efficient solutions and high quality. Marine and offshore industries, medical industry, the food industry, the defence industry, are just a few examples of where we have adapted products to specific industry requirements and standards.

  • Mueller-Hydraulik-Shop

    ( 142 Products )

    We are a medium-sized company focused on the distribution of hydraulic parts

  • NGC Transmission Europe GmbH

    ( 2 Products )


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