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As the renewable energy revolution gains momentum, it is essential for the aftermarket to keep pace. That's why Covento was created - to provide a digital platform for the wind energy industry that is efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Covento is the digital platform that aims to create transparency, effciency and contribute to the sustainability movement. Covento's B2B marketplace wants to offer the same seamless experience as your favourite B2C e-commerce sites. 

Our team at Covento is dedicated to driving positive change in the renewable energy industry. We believe that by working together, we can make a greater impact towards a more sustainable future. As a separate legal entity within Vestas Ventures, Covento is positioned to deliver exceptional value and service to our customers.

At Covento, we understand the importance of innovation and efficiency in the wind energy industry. That's why our platform offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the buying and selling process, saving you time and money.

Join us in our mission to grow the market for renewable energy. With our platform, you can access a wide range of wind spare parts and consumables from reputable suppliers. 

Transforming the Renewable Energy Aftermarket

What is Covento? Everything You Need To Know

For too long the buying processes within the renewable energy space have been fragmented, cumbersome, and lacking in transparency. At Covento we believe if we can turn the cumbersome into simple, it will result in improved operational efficiency for renewable energy O&M. It is through this lens that Covento hopes to play a role in being part of the solution to our climate crisis.

At Covento, we're revolutionizing the spare parts aftermarket in the renewable energy industry. Our mission is to make the purchasing process effortless and streamlined for O&M professionals, while also providing a friction-free e-commerce experience for suppliers.

With Covento, you can find the spare parts you need for turbine models across manufacturers and suppliers, all in one place.

  • Effortless searching and ordering process.
  • Full transparency in pricing, availability, delivery, and product data.
  • One point of contact to manage all payments.
  • No compliance screening and payment risk for suppliers.
  • Easy-to-use platform designed so that buyers get a B2C experience in a B2B marketplace.

Ready to streamline your procurement process?


Covento for Buyers

Covento offers buyers of renewable energy spare parts a friction-free e-commerce marketplace with access to market-leading, vetted suppliers of parts and services.

Covento is linking buyers in the renewable energy industry with suppliers of high-quality spare parts in a single, digital marketplace. Buy spare parts for the renewable energy industry now via the same seamless experience as your favourite B2C e-commerce sites.


Wide ranging catalog across spare parts and consumables

Find your part functionalities and search across industry IDs

Transparent prices and delivery times               

Part photos, product description and specs

Follow your delivery status in real time 


For buyers, Covento turns complex O&M procurement into a regular shopping experience. 

Covento means easy and fast access to purchases of spare parts simplifying every step of the buying process: 

  • B2B shopping should have instant purchasing, transparent pricing and real-time delivery status in a world where complexity is the norm.
  • Browse the shelves of vetted suppliers and find the parts and services you need with the world's leading product catalog.
  • The only industry marketplace where you can search across industry IDs, brands and categories.
  • Easy payment directly to Covento

Ready to streamline your procurement process? Book a Demo or create a free buyer account with Covento and get instantly approved to start purchasing the parts you need today!

B2B purchasing of spare parts has never been easier

Create Free Account

  • Sign up for an account to get started
  • Enter your company information
  • Get access in minutes subject to compliance and company screening
  • Add other users from your company instantly

Search & Discover

  • Search and browse products using any product info/ID
  • View Real-time stock availability, delivery, time and transparant pricing
  • Add to cart from search results or view detailed product info
  • Compare pricing and shipping options from mulitple suppliers

Add to cart, Checkout & Payments

  • Add multiple products from different suppliers to your cart, get instant order confirmation and easliy manage your orders
  • Choose exprese or standard shipping options based on speed and cost
  • Instantly add multiple delivery addresses
  • Select different payment options ( e.g. buy now, pay later)


  • Receive updates on your shipment status
  • Track order status at all stages in the order history tab
  • Issues with order? Covento's integrated issue management resolves seamlessly
  • Track your order with tracking details available

Learn how you can maximize your business succes with Covento.

Get the benefit of Covento solution allowing you to expand your business accessing more customers and scale up your business.

Harnessing Success: Ruben's Covento Experience

At Covento, we're proud to share the success stories of our valued customers. Ruben Dijksta from Iver Wind shares his Covento experience. (read the story)

September 22, 2023 · 3 minutes



Covento for Suppliers

Covento offers suppliers of spare parts and services to the renewable energy industry a modern end-to-end e-commerce channel to unlock growth opportunities

For all suppliers, Covento provides access to a vetted buyer pool and a safe, reliable platform for scaling up business.


Join Covento as a supplier and you will:

  • Save time and resources on customer support
  • Remove need for compliance screening of buyers
  • Eliminate payment risk
  • Tap into approved buyers
  • Brand exposure with your own company product page
  • Set the price and promotions as you see fit

Ready to to unlock your growth opportunities? Contact us and learn how you can maximize your business succes with Covento.

Watch why other suppliers are joining Covento

Get the benefit of Covento solution allowing you to expand your business accessing more customers and scale up your business. Watch the video's below and learn how other suppliers utilize Covento to unlock growth opportunities for their businesses. 

Harnessing Success: Ruben's Covento Experience

At Covento, we're proud to share the success stories of our valued customers. Ruben Dijksta from Iver Wind shares his Covento experience. (read the story)

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Learn more about sustainability, technology, energy transition, markets or one of our other blog topics. Swipe below to explore and see all topics of the Covento Blog.In this section, you will find latest press releases, stories, downloads and more from Covento.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you, news that not only impacts our industry but also sets the stage for a more sustainable future. On September 12, 2023, the European Parliament gave its final approval to legally binding targets that will significantly accelerate the expansion of renewable energy sources throughout Europe.

Ready to dive in? Secure your exclusive meeting with us using the links below. Can't decide which of our incredible colleagues to meet? No worries! Drop by our booth, and we'll be thrilled to welcome you with open arms.

In this blog, I want to share with you my journey at Covento, highlighting the unique people and culture that drive our mission of revolutionizing the procurement process for renewable energy spare parts.

In the fast-paced world of the wind industry, suppliers face numerous challenges that can be overwhelming. Covento is here to provide the ultimate solution to these buyer headaches.  
Let's explore the common symptoms that plague suppliers and the impact they have on your business. 

As the Head of Payments at Covento, I have seen firsthand the benefits of a managed payments approach for both our buyers and suppliers. By streamlining the payment process, we have been able to provide a seamless and secure experience for all parties involved. 

Sourcing organizations in the wind industry face the critical task of ensuring supply reliability while minimizing costs. Balancing the two goals of securing supply and lowering costs is a challenge for category managers, but solutions like supplier consolidation and marketplace platforms can help. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know when the parts that you ordered two days ago will arrive at your warehouse? Why is it so easy to know when the New Balance running shoes you just ordered in Amazon will arrive at your home on time for your weekend run, but at the same time, it is so difficult to know if the hydraulic pump your technician urgently needs to fix a turbine next week will make it on time?

Hello, my name is Salsa and I'm excited to be part of a new revolution in the renewable energy industry. As a business development manager at Covento, I'm working towards a future where businesses can source their minor components with just a click. I believe that clean energy is more important now than ever before, and we need to make it accessible to everyone. 

I call our customers “the humans behind the green electrons.” I use this term because I think the general public often forget (or at least does not consciously think about) the people that dedicate their lives to ensuring homes stay heated, hospitals stay powered, and food stays cold. And these people do their work through holidays, extreme weather, global pandemics, and even war.

For our customers what this means is that you can purchase the parts you need to service your turbines instantly while still being secure in the knowledge that all your counterparts on the Covento marketplace are vetted players from the wind industry.


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