Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

What does Covento do?

Covento is a solution that serves the purpose to simplify transactions in the renewables aftermarket. It does this using powerful algorithms, a transparent and efficient delivery experience and a simple onboarding process. 

Is Covento owned by Vestas?  

Covento A/S is owned by Vestas, but Covento is its own legal entity. This ensures no preferential treatment and being compliant with competitive guidelines. Vestas is both a seller and buyer on Covento competing on the same terms as other buyers and sellers.  

What is the difference between Shop Vestas and Covento?  

Shop Vestas is Vestas' own shop where customers can interact with Vestas' sales and buy products to Vestas' turbines. Covento is an agnostic marketplace connecting many suppliers to buyers for turbine models across the main turbine manufacturers. Covento will not replace Shop Vestas, but will be a supplement to Shop Vestas with a different assortment and prices. 

How does Covento make money?  

Suppliers on Covento pay a 20% commission fee plus a monthly subscription of 24.99EUR.

What countries is Covento currently operational in? 

Covento is currently operating in 5 EU countries: Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, and Netherlands. Watch this space as we expand to other countries. 

Does Covento allow any 3rd parties to handle my data?  

Covento has tied up with compliance partners, financial screening partners, and data management partners, these tie-ups are essential in enabling us to deliver the buyer experience we want to deliver and therefore constitute an intrinsic part of the platform, our customers can rest assured that all sensitive data will be handled by us, and our 3rd party partners in strict accordance with GDPR guidelines. 

If I delete my account will Covento delete all my information?  

Covento will delete all your account-based information in the event of account deletion. Any transactional information specific to your account will be deleted, however the information will continue to exist at an aggregate level in our analytics tools. For e.g: If you bought an electrical motor while using the account will still show in our anaytical tools after you have deleted your account.  

 What languages can Covento provide support?  

The standard language for support is English. We will respond to requests in Spanish, German and Danish based on availability of our support resources.   

How can I contact Covento for support?  

You can contact us either by filling in a contact form under “customer support” or writing to us to . You can also request a call-back. 

How can Covento help reduce my company’s carbon footprint?  

By making it easier to find and buy the right parts from the most reliable suppliers, we hope that Covento will help you buy parts only when you need them and have them delivered where you need them, thus reducing unnecessary transportation to and from your warehouses, and the carbon footprint associated with this.  

We hope that in the future, we will be able to give you visibility of the carbon emissions associated with your purchases, so that Covento can help you plan around meeting your company’s sustainability targets. 

Buyer FAQs

As a buyer how do I get access to Covento?

If you are in one of our target markets of Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, or France, you can visit and click on “create account” to create your account and start using the platform.

What types of products are available on Covento? 

Covento offers standard spare parts for wind turbines from Siemens Gamesa, GE, Nordex, Senvion and Vestas. The main product categories are electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, consumables, tools, and personal protection equipment (PPE). All spare parts are new (not refurbished).

How do I know the part is in stock and when it can be delivered?  

During your search you will be able to see the stock level and the estimated delivery window for all parts shown in the search result page. Also, you can filter and sort on the delivery speed, to ensure you see the parts with the fastest delivery if you need it as quickly as possible. 

Supplier FAQs

As a supplier how do I get access to Covento? 

Contact and one of our team will be able to assist you in getting onboarded.  

As a supplier how do I get paid? 

Covento will pay suppliers directly. Suppliers are guaranteed payment 30-45 days after shipment. This is independent of the buyers’ ability to pay Covento.

What kind of checks do we do for buyers before giving them access to Covento?  

We conduct financial and compliance screening for all buyers before allowing them access to Covento. 

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